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“I am a UX designer, photographer, thinker, and runner… I’ve been told that my greatest gift is the enthusiasm and curiosity I bring to solving problems.”

My name is Danni Hu
(or 胡(hú) 单(dān)妮 (nī) in Mandarin.)
I was born in China and spent most of my first 21 years there, then moved to Seattle to attend school at UW. I’m thankful for all the interesting people I’ve met along the way who have shared their stories with me. I believe in simplicity and sincerity, both in the products I design and in my everyday life. I love nature, and appreciate well-designed products – which often borrow from nature. My passion for people and technology is the reason why I’m drawn to User Experience.
Besides all these, I am:

  • A Master Graduate from University of Washington (Go Huskies)
  • Now working as a UX/UI Designer at Samsung Artik Cloud Team
  • Currently located in SF Bay Area
  • Had a International Business Degree, thought I would devote the rest of my life in business related field, but finally found myself in design (or User eXperience Design)
  • Passionate about Information Visualization


Find me also on:

  • Twitter: a good way to make contact. I share interesting things I found here, mostly design related.
  • Medium: love reading here
  • Exposure: photo stories of my life
  • Tumblr: I share my design practice and thinking here